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祝您2009牛年春节快乐! Happy Chinese Niu Year

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25th Jan
A.M. and I went to watch a Chinese New year Gala last night. Sir, would you like coffee, tea, or me?
Today, my friends (R.Y., W.G., et al.) and I had a dimsum lunch and ate a lot until I do not feel hungry at night.
After lunch, we went to watch a lion dance performance at Market Sq in front of Guildhall. Drizzling.
Then, we went to Trinity College to watch the Gala programme by CCTV9 via satelite.
I attended the 5pm mass.
Since yesterday, I found out that I made some mistakes in my experiments and I have to re-run them 😦
Today, the best thing is talking with Dear, he said my lucky color is green. Yes, I need to see more geeneries.

22nd Jan
I attended a talk about women in the past that contributed to the progress of science. The statue of William Whewell, who conceived the term ‘scientist’, is sitting in the Trinity College Chapel. I will go there pay a tribute and take his photos some day soon. There is this lady, Emilie du Chatelet (1706-1749), a natural philosophical who translated the Newton’s idea from English to French. She hired a math tutor in late 20s of her age. I love her portrait, though dressing glamorously, she holds a math drawing stationery. Voltaire said that “Emilie due Chatelet is a great man, the only fault is being a woman.”

There is also Mary Somerville, who interpreted the work of Laplace. Charles Darwin, whose birthday is celebrated for bicentenary this year, employed Emma Darwin and wives of his friends to report on the development of their children. Though Darwin was said to be a reclusive, he knew how to be human-resourceful in his research. The speaker also mentioned that it was the strategy of Victorian (19th century) men to marry daughters or sisters of scientists. For example, Charles Lyell who married Mary Horner Lyell, their honeymoon was a geological expedition. I also learnt about John Herschel, an astronomer who invented photography.

24th Jan
For brunch (breakfast cum lunch), I made “salmon pasta bake” & quite tasty
1. Fry the salmon with olive oil and oyster sauce
2. Put the cooked salmon on an oven-resistant plate, and Dolmio carbonara pasta sauce from Sainsbury on top of the salmon
3. Bake until it is hot!
As a companion, I have apple-pear juice (the last from the 2 big bottles for 3 pounds offer from Sainsbury)
Tiki (the cat) jumped onto the kitchen table and licked my frying pan (luckily I have transfered my salmon to the baking plate). It was so fast & Sassy (the dog) is trying to chased it away.



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January 25, 2009 at 9:15 pm

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