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Artistic Tasty Meal a la Blue Rose

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What am I doing? Googling at Asian food images, self-tempting in progress mode.

I want to cook delicious food, decorate them artistically

1. For my sleeping  handsome – so when he wakes up from hibernation, he will have something tasty, come from heart, to eat.

2. To sell them at a fund-raising event, for the education of children at developing countries.

Perhaps, I should take photos of my food before selling them – to attract people to buy and requested for some reviews / recommendations from well-know gastronomics. Sounds so complicated, why not just bring children along – they do have some languages that we grown-ups forgot how to use.

Anyway, this is an image of an artistically Teddy-Bear meal, as a benchmark for my future ATM – Artistic Tasty Meal.

Ciao bello or ciao bella! Back to reading papers @~@

Written by blueroselady

January 16, 2009 at 9:09 pm

Posted in food, photogprahy

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