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On Sunday afternoon, I met H.G. for lunch, he taught me a bit of Spanish, but I forgot again now. He said Cuban is an interesting country to visit, US embargoed it – yet they have the best health-care after France. The people are not rich, but they are not starving, they are well-educated, teachers are very good – trained in past Sovyet era. But their cars are from 50s due to embargo. He is also interested to visit Iran – his friend from Trinity Hall were warmly received when cycling from UK to HK/Japan, H’s Dad was a singer that’s why my friend can sing the national anthems of many countries, including ours.  His another crazy trip idea is to go South Africa to watch WorldCup 2010 cum shark cage-diving (put the diver in a cage, splash blood to attrack the shark). He also plans to go Russia take Trans-Siberia, ferry from Vladivostok to Japan, to San Fran then back to Mexico. Cool!

Darling’s non-biological brother is going to Taiwan in February for 2 weeks. I also want to go Taiwan, as there are many tasty desserts and nice bridal shops there – I know because many American Asians take their wedding photos there. It seems like people around me are globe-trotters. It’s ok, I am not so country bumpkin, I look forward to my Lisbon trip with R.Y. 🙂

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January 5, 2009 at 11:08 am

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