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Thinning Hair

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I completed 1 of the things-to-do, thinning my hair. I did myself, just get the thinning scissor from Superdrugs and save lots of $ (no need to go hairdresser). This will help my hair dry faster after washing my hair, very good in winter time and reduce humidity. I like the feeling of thin hair, very aery – as said by the hairstylist of a disabled Japanese girl in a Jdrama I watched long time ago. My hair also looks like a baby one now, softly fall at the sides of my fair. Okay, enough of narcissism. I still have many things to do and my eyes are tired looking at computer for long time.

Now is 3.30pm, too late for a walk at Botanical Garden and I have no mood to go out at such a cold weather. I decided to visit Fitzwilliam Museum, for a free exhibitions to entertain and relax my eyes.

At Fitz, I got to read the explanation text, how I wish there is an audio guide with accompanying music so my eyes can just stare at beautiful artwork. The paintings of flowers do not appeal a lot to me, possibly they are meant to be viewed live – emitting their fragrances and beauties, not in 2D. Back home, my landlord dog Sassi is wearing a new kind of fashion today – green (yesterday was a fluorescent one) and I helped her to pull back when it rolled down. She wants me to rub2 her tummy again, such a melancholy looking dog.

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January 3, 2009 at 5:56 pm

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