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No appetite

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Just now I met my mentor, as usual I got new list of things that I have to do and my mentor (or collaborator according to my supervisor, hence my supervisor thinks that my mentor should also do work) said it’s for my good. Please don’t worry, I will do all the things required. My mentor gave me a hug when I passed her a Christmas card and a box of chocolates. She said it’s her first Christmas Card.

These days I have no appetite for food, I could consume a meal for lunch and dinner or spent a day eating nothing other than tiramisu dessert, hot tea, and cereals. Yesterday, I had Chinese rice and felt so sleepy after meal, even if I divided the meal into half and ate it for lunch and dinner.

My lover will arrive tomorrow, I am looking forward to tomorrow and we will watch a football match at the dream football field. It has been some times ago since I experience the happiness of fulfilling a dream, I will fulfill somebody’s dream and make that dream mine too. Yes, let’s be dream realizers 🙂

Written by blueroselady

December 10, 2008 at 3:11 pm

Posted in family, food, study

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