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Where are you from originally?

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Well, these days I am easily annoyed by people starting conversation by asking me, “where are you originally from?” Perhaps I pick-up my friend’s sentiment, she was born in UK, but she is a black woman, so some people are not always satisfied with her answer that she is from UK and she occasionally pisses off with that.
Sometimes I am tempted to say that I am from God, I am one of his children like you, or I am from the fertilized egg of my mother by my father. Fortunately, I have managed to hold my tongue.

Quoting a Western author in her book, “An Australian friend once told me she found offensive the way in which Americans ask each other where we went to college. But as an American, you can gauge a lot about another American by asking what college he went to: class, disposition, intellectual style, and social learnings.” I disagree with the author based on my limited experience, people of different nationalities have asked me the question, “Where are you from originally?” Analyzing the question now, there is nothing wrong with that, people are just genuinely curious on where our home is. The thing for me is I was born in place and country A, have studied and lived in B, C, D, E, and now F. Am I a global citizen? I don’t know what the guides to be a global citizen. Perhaps as simple as think globally, act locally. All those places where I have been to, especially the people whom I met, have shapen my life. My characters are results of my life experiences in these different places and I call them home.
I am sorry for being very biased, sometimes I can sense if a person asking “Where are you from originally?”, because s/he is interested to learn more about me and becoming my friend as compared to because s/he is trying to judge me whether I am a worthy acquaintance. No matter what happened, just follow this simple rule.

{IF asked where you are from,
{IF by people in your university
tell them my department / college}
{IF by people not in your university
tell them your last place of stay in the year}}
{IF asked where you are from originally,
tell them your birth country}
Always RETURN a smile


God loves patient children.


Written by blueroselady

November 16, 2008 at 11:17 am

Posted in experience

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