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Learn from Perella Weinberg, S. 2210 bill

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A founding partner of Perella Weinberg Partners shared with us on the successful team for investment banking, nothing to do with how old or how experienced you are, get the right people, form a small team. If a team is too big, there will be people trying to make out what they are contributing and politics going around. Interestingly, he said that every investment bank will present the same strategies to a client on a particular issue, e.g. M&A. The differences are how the bankers manage to sell their ideas. I agree with his viewpoint on the importance of the arts of convincing, but I am not sure if they are exactly the same, there will surely be subtle differences on strategies / advices given, that may make differences to the clients.

From the next talk, I learnt about S. 2210 bill, to create $80 billion prize fund in USA, to replace drug market monopolies and to decrease the “me-too-drugs”. 70% of FDA approved-drugs are “me-too-drugs”, the resources to make “me-too-drugs” can be better use instead. Sadly, the bill will never be passed. “S. 2210: Medical Innovation Prize Act of 2007, A bill to provide incentives for investment in research and development for new medicines, to enhance access to new medicines, and for other purposes.”

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November 14, 2008 at 12:39 pm

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