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Haagen Daz ice cream

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I have never eaten Haagen Daz ice cream before I came to study and live here. I bought a Belgium chocolate flavour Haagen Daz ice cream as Sainsbury gave discount, save GBP 1.46. I had the ice cream as my dessert this afternoon. I think I can just eat it for my meal, in fact I survived in Italy by having gelato as my meal. Save Euro and pleasantly amazing for my tongue.

I cooked sunny-side-ups of 1-day expired eggs and fried salmon with oyster sauce and coriander leaves, eaten with rice cum sweet corn. Cooking takes lots of time, I have tried my best to cook simple & fast stuff, perhaps I should eat more bread less rice. I don’t enjoy cooking, and now my hands are salmon-smelly, but eating self-cook meals is cheaper than eating outside.

Written by blueroselady

November 11, 2008 at 3:04 pm

Posted in food

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