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To respect and appreciate different perspectives

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I spent almost an hour of life today walking to my college to meet my Graduate Tutor, as I am requesting his kind help to write a recommendation letter for a photography training. On the way, I collected my 2nd hand jacket in the Lady Mitchell Hall. It was raining so I decided to walk, and saw colorful leaves.

To my surprise, my Tutor thought that the picture of a mango-seller lady very nice, I think it’s so so. Perhaps I grew up seeing many of such scenes, whereas my Tutor has been living his life here, found it interesting. I learnt that our perceptions and tastes on a person/thing/event are shaped by our past experience. There is no way somebody can be unbiased.

I was so naive to think that science is not biased, for example the acceleration due to the force of gravity on Earth, g is always 9.8 m/s^2. These days, sometimes I don’t know which schools of thought I should trust, I sometimes don’t trust my results and I have learnt from my mentor that it’s ok to present our data in a more convincing manner – in order to support our hypothesis. No matter what happen, my missions are always to learn and to share what I have learnt.


Written by blueroselady

November 10, 2008 at 3:11 pm

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