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I woke up at 6.20am, reach my linux at 7.25am.

The last week of Oct2008 in a nutshell:
~ started the 3rd protein group work, thanks to R.B.! I am using a faster technique now.
~ watched 1st rugby match in this U & city (actually, I was in an assignment)
~ did a gliding & saw rays of light (glorious pre-sunset moment)
~ a so-so artistic work of mine is published (U-level), thanks to Andy Warhol’s innovation. Wonder when my analytical & scientific work will be useful to others.

~ to generate as much results as possible for the 2nd protein group, so that we could come out with a decent draft & presentation
~ many other ‘things-to-do’

For today, I only did 2 of 4 planned itineraries. I decided to skip the last 2, not important for my research study. Here I am now in department at a Saturday night. I did groceries shopping after meeting at Borders. It was raining, I did not want to cycle in the rain & become chicken soup, so I left my bike at city centre & walked back carrying heavy groceries, my laptop, my work camera. Next time, I won’t bring my laptop around. Honestly, I don’t like raining & getting wet. Positively, when it’s raining, I got excuses to be anti-social, by hiding & working in the department.


Written by blueroselady

November 1, 2008 at 5:27 pm

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