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I heard news about family members with hypertension. God, please protects my loved ones. What are the purposes of our lifes? Sometimes I wonder why people work so hard or try whatever means, to get more $, more power, higher positions, better grades. Honestly, whenever I am stuck with problems (well, I encounter problems daily in my research study) and tired, I will return to my ‘guide-to-life’, compiled from experience in less than a-quarter century. Magically, those few words can help me restore motivations in less than a second!

I know what to get as a gift for my almost-a-centenary-lady grandmother. Dried Osakazuki leaves, pressed into a fragile bookmark. I think this is the most suitable gift for her, light as a feather for postage, exotic as nowhere we can find such in our hometown, personal as collected & pressed by her grand-daughter, and natural as reflecting my grandmother’s love for plants, in particular orchids.

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October 29, 2008 at 10:12 pm

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