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Learning to learn FASTer and DEEPer

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I had my 1st Spanish lesson today, driven by a desire to communicate with more than 1/2 of the world population. I am currently literate in three top ten mostly used languages (sounds proud, eh?). The York guy sat next to me in the class, is studying politics. He is very fast compared to the other guy sitting next to him. I know because we got to do some conversation exercises together. The York guy went to teach English in a place in between Beijing and Xian for a year, gosh … that’s a lot of possibilities on the venue. Unfortunately, he gave up learning Chinese, and decided to start Spanish. Yet, still a future British politician in the making. People love to ask where I am from, my answer has been standardized to “I am a my-birth-country born / my-resident-country based / my passport-country national, global citizen”. I am happy that I am taking an examined course, the motivation is more (indeed a wrong reason for studying), but you have the urge for deadline. You got to learn by this and that deadline! That’s how I survived my high school, starting as an illiterate student.
In the evening, I spent an-hour with a majority of natural sciences undergraduates (except a U Chicago’s graduate who just started his Master and 2 medic students) brainstorming on posters ideas. I can’t believe that they did not support the ideas of investigating the sciences in developing countries. Honestly, I saw some good-quality research articles coming solely from research laboratories in Asia. Perhaps from Africa in the near future?


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October 23, 2008 at 8:31 pm

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