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Tonight, before buying milk at Sainsbury, I went to a squash of my uni Gliding Club (it has been around since 1930’s – cool!), they basically want to recruit members. Membership is GBP80/annum, if non-university membership is > GBP400. What is gliding? In simple words, flying without machine. Every time fly / glide got to pay 8 to 10 pounds, I thought it’s free after becoming a member. 1500-feet cable -> use wind -> to glide at 1000-2000 feet above ground. The trial flight is GBP20, but only 6-7 minutes on air. Once one completes 40-50 glides, one will be allowed to fly solo. Each training will normally allows 4-5 glides. To conclude, since it is engine-less, it is much safer to fly over cross country than over the cities. Perhaps, I won’t go even for the trial flight, so expensive! I went for a flight lesson (my 1st & only 1 so far in this life) and we are on air for some time!


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October 16, 2008 at 10:05 pm

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