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While researching on potential reviewers, I found this, said by somebody’s student:

“It was common to have tens of email exchanges a day with [his supervisor] till midnight. There wasn’t much greetings and socializing, but rather these emails were the literature forwarders, idea exchangers, theory explorers and manuscript polishers”.

I treasure all those who have shaped my learning experience. My best teacher is my high-school chemistry teacher, who has faith in me and supported me after school hours. I was behind my classmates at the start of the academic year and a sweet story followed a couple of months later. I still remember that she gave me a kiwi.

Funnily, I did not go to pursue chemistry in my undergraduate. I was interested in food tech, but uncertainties in finance decide my course of learning. I studied the subject that I did worst among all the maths+triple sciences. Life is like a box of chocolate, quoting Forest Gump, you will never know what you get. In undergrad, I struggled and worried if I could pass the examinations. Sometimes I wonder how I can be enrolled in a PhD study now. Ok, no time for useless thought, concentrate on our studies now, get useful results, good for me, food for others!

In my third year, I met my first research mentor, a Master student who guided me in a research project. My supervisor is a rising star, he is very good in paper-writing and public relations. But I learnt most of the research skills in the first instance from my mentor.

My other supervisor is a very smart guy, who gives lectures like the Shinkansen yet manages to pass the messages to us – students. His writings are very crystal-clear, I enjoyed his style. Honestly, sometimes I read research papers that I found very rambling, or perhaps I need to improve my reading skills.

My next-stage of study kicked-start with an almost-disaster. I was terribly sorry to many people, but I can’t let a disaster create another one and so on. God has given His blessings to allow me to further study and continously learn, irregardless of many things. In my PhD study now, I am fortunate to meet J. who showed me some useful techniques and sometimes scared me, “It wil be very sad if you graduate without any publications” or “If we can think of any of these ideas, somebody else can think of these too, you’d better do quick quick!” I know J meant good for me.


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October 15, 2008 at 9:18 pm

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