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3Sep, 2.22am

I decided that I should just continue working, since I could not shut down my mind. I have tried to think of peace. Have loving parents who have sacrificed a lot to raise me and my brother and sister. My sis has got a scholarship for her 1st year university (subjected to annual renewal) so we should not worry about education $ (Education is horribly expensive!). Have a caring and soul-mate Darling. Have a shelter from the heat and cold. Have sufficient food and chocolates to make me happy. God loves me, loves us.

What I want to do most:

  • See Grandma since she has been over 90s (she was a Dragon-year-born).
  • Learn something useful for others instead for myself.

Attempting to sleep at 4am. Sent Intro & Method to my mentor.


Written by blueroselady

September 3, 2008 at 2:41 am

Posted in family, God, study

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