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Tips: manicure and pedicure

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I had my 1st professionally done manicure and pedicure on July 1st, 2011. Thank you God for your blessing!
It is OK to pamper yourself once in a while, but to save cost you can also do self-manicure and self-pedicture.
Below are my tips for busy ladies. Enjoy!

@~@ baby nail clipper : cut the nail from the edge to the centre.
@~@ tweezer : firmly grip the hair with tweezer and remove in the direction of hair growth.
@~@ nail file : always file in 1 direction only and at 45 degree angle.
nail buffer : buff gently back and forth.
@~@ 4-way nail buffer block:
(1) use the harsh side to FILE nail in 1 direction to shape edges and remove ridges
(2) use the pink side once a month to smooth out ridges
(3) use the white side once a fortnight to buff the nail surfaces
(4) use the grey side as often as you like for a super shiny finish

Soak in hot water
use buffer board side 1 (harsh side)
Immerse in hot water
Remove cuticle, tweezer to remove unshed cuticle
buffer box
Immerse in hot water
Use flat brush to remove dead skin on foot sole
Scrub gel on leg, massage, wash
Lotion on leg, massage
Transparent white nail polish
Red nail polish, outer edge 1st, deep press brush on inside part
Red nail polish again at middle part of nail
Transparent white nail polish again

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July 1, 2007 at 2:57 am

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